HVAC Technician – Pisgah Forest area

HVAC Technician

Pay rate – $31.48/hour

Shift hours: 8:30am-5:00pm Monday – Friday

 Position Description: 

We are currently seeking an experienced HVAC Technician to join our team for a position in the Pisgah Forest, NC area. 
Position Summary:
Individuals are expected to demonstrate technical expertise in HVAC maintenance, be able to diagnose faults and recommend repairs or replacements. A key aspect of this role is training other technicians on proper maintenance practices for HVAC equipment and systems. Individuals must be proficient in oral and written communications and have good interpersonal skills.
Essential Functions:

· Carry out inventory checks and condition surveys of all HVAC equipment and controls systems, including identifying any immediate preventive or corrective maintenance required, and be able to recommend any repairs or replacements needed.

· Provide technical expertise and hands-on training for other technicians on proper maintenance of HVAC equipment and systems, leading them to work efficiently and independently.

· Oversee Quality Control programs for technicians, including interpretation and reporting of safety and training compliance, field production and the enforcement of safety regulations, codes, and standards. Initiates measures to improve methods, equipment performance and quality of work. 

· Assist with HVAC controls adjustment to optimize efficiency and performance.

· Assist with any unresolved HVAC maintenance issues.

· Take immediate action on all alarms during normal working hours. Repair/Correct alarm condition if possible, otherwise start a follow-up trail for each alarm.

· Be proficient with use of Computerized Maintenance Management Systems (CMMS) to accept and log all complaints, status, and follow-up calls.

· Check CMMS system and update PMs and all work orders.

· Maintain up to date & complete system documentation in a CMMS system for all repairs or changes to the system.

· Complies with departmental policy for the safe storage, usage, and disposal of hazardous materials.

· Maintains a clean and safe workspace.

· Work with other trades on the site.

· Manage refrigerants in compliance with State and EPA requirements, including maintaining accurate refrigerant usage and inventory records

· All other duties as assigned.

Required Knowledge, Skills and Abilities (KSA)

· Knowledge of operation, maintenance, and repair of HVAC/refrigeration equipment.

· Experience with estimating time and materials.

· Superior verbal and written communication skills.

· Team player with good interpersonal skills and able to deliver hands-on training

· Knowledge of OSHA standards and local codes

· Proficient in reading electrical, control and refrigeration schematics.

· Proficient with computer-based systems and programs, including Microsoft Office and Outlook

· Capable of operating BMS and CMMS

· Skilled and physically able to operate electric hand tools, work on a ladder, carry tools, lift, and carry heavy loads, operate required equipment

· Able to work in close places such as closets, crawl spaces, attics, vaults, etc.

· Able to work on roofs of buildings

· Required to work in all weather conditions.

Minimum Required Education:

· High school diploma or equivalent required

· Experience – Minimum five years’ experience working with HVAC systems.

· EPA CFC Certificate (preferred)

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